Psychocybernetic Psychology

Dr. Maxwell Maltz states in his famous book Psychocybernetics that a person cannot fly beyond the image he has in his subconscious mind.
He, who was an American cosmetic surgeon, realized during his years of work experience that when he changes the appearance of patients (such as the shape of the nose or surgery on skin spots), something beyond their appearance, that is, their character and personality, begins to change. In other words, their mental image changes.
He then officially works in the field of psychology and in 1338 he wrote a valuable book in the field of mental image, which is still valid and usable after 64 years.
In this book, Maxwell explains that we all have a special mental image of ourselves stored in our subconscious, which is the main reason for our thought and behavioral patterns. Every path or decision we choose in life is related to this mental image and brings harmonious results.
Unfortunately, due to the environment and negative conditions in society, most people have a weak and negative image of themselves, which makes them unable to live their goals and motivations, which ultimately makes people disappointed, sad and disappointed in life. .
While the key to solving the puzzle is right there in the minds of people and in our subconscious mind, and it requires our effort to patiently change this mental image to the one we like.

Univermind is committed to professionally accompany and help those who are motivated to change their mental image, which will result in a different life experience.

Erfan Olam

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