About Univermind

Univermind is an educational company that specializes in the field of mind and self-help. Our core emphasis is on cultivating a growth mindset, self-image psychology, and achieving personal freedom.

Depth of the word Univermind carries a mystical and psychological meaning, which, in short, points out the Universal Mind, which we are all connected to whether we are aware of it or not.

Throughout history, numerous thinkers, psychologists, and philosophers of the mind such as Hermes, Zoroaster, Carl Jung, Neville Goddard, and many others have maintained that human beings possess the ability to control their lives. However, in order to do so, they must align themselves with the intelligent mind and live a peaceful, healthy, and abundant life.


Great experts and teachers in the field of self-help believe that we can tune our thoughts and emotions to the cosmic mind, allowing the energy of life to manifest itself beautifully and peacefully through us.

But you and I are responsible for training our minds and making a decision for relearning and setting a new mindset that can bring this intelligence power to our lives.

I am Erfan Olam, funder of UNIVERMIND school; as coach and guide, I would love to help you reach your goals and live a different quality of life as you change your state of consciousness.

Honorably, I have been training with legendary Bob Proctor, for over four years. I have also been studying and educating myself by the teachings of the great master Neville Goddard.

عرفان اُلام
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